In Pursuit Of Oblivion

Following an inept attempt at self-destruction, Martin awakes in hospital in the next bed to Billy. Instead of the sympathy and understanding he might have expected following his ‘cry for help’ Martin gets an excoriating, dystopian, nihilistic view of the world, people, relationships, himself and anything else that gets in the way of Billy’s own relentless pursuit of truth and oblivion.
It’s not what he expected. It’s not what he wants. It is what he needs.

In Pursuit Of Oblivion toured to Hebden Bridge Little Theatre 29th-30th March 2013 and Darwen Library Theatre 4th-5th April 2013 with the following cast.

Ian Ralph- Billy 
Joel Parry- Martin
Emma McMorrow- Nurse
Nick Wymer- Bernard
Christine Clare- Vicky


Joel Parry in In Pursuit of Oblivion


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