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The Liontamers Theatre Company is a Company Limited by Guarantee with charitible objectives to promote the arts in the North West of England.
The Board of Directors is currently looking to add more to our ranks. The Board meets quarterly and exists to oversee the general running of the company ensuring that it runs in a financially sound, ethical and healthy way. We are looking to add to our Board currently. If you think you might be able to invest a small amount of your time in helping our organisation grow then please send an email to our Artistic Director

Current Board
Karl Barnsley- Artistic Director
Cllr Roy Knowles
The Board would like to thank Mark Reid for his work as  member of the Liontamers Board over the past three years. Initially he said he would stand only for a year but has been with us providing great and useful advice for three years. We presented him with his favourite whiskey to say thanks.

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Registered office: Higher Mill Farm, Slaidburn Road, Waddington, BB7 3JJ